Meridian Massage moves to different location

EATON — Meridian Massage Therapy provides moved to be able to a new location with 1735 N. Barron St in Eaton, across this street via Pizza Shelter and positioned in the Relaxology Therapeutic Massage setting up.

“Our new location is fantastic, ” owner Martha Gardner explained. “It’s plus peaceful and welcoming. Functioning forwards to welcoming new and even existing clients to that position. ”

Meridian Rub Remedy uses traditional Swedish massage therapy, as well while a range of additional approaches, to relax small as well as spasmed muscles in order to present its clients a new drug-free, non-invasive means connected with taking care of pain, maintaining or even improving mental and physical health, together with reducing anxiety. Gift certificates are available.

For additional information as well as to schedule an scheduled appointment, call or text 937-733-7641 or maybe email MGardnerLMT@frontier. apresentando.

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